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R2-D2 USB 3.0 Charging Hub

There are lots of astromechs out there, but no design more popular than the venerable R2 unit. Sure, BBs are great, but R2 units have a special place in our hearts. And although not everyone can speak in bleeps and bloops, you never have much trouble getting the gist of what they’re trying to say. While we don’t yet have the technology in this corner of the galaxy for fully automated repair droids like R2 units, we can get a portion of R2’s versatility into something small enough to sit on your desk. Behold the R2-D2 USB 3.0 Charging Hub. This R2 unit doesn’t have a lightsaber hilt inside, but it does have 4 USB 3.0 ports in the front, and that’s almost as good.

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