Who are we?

Geektopia is a humble online store for geeky merchanise. We specialize in anything our founder and supereme nerd overload, David Regev, would like to use himself. (Therefore, if you wanted to, you could ship your purchases to him and he will happily use them himself.) Since we’re very meticulous about what we choose, the number of products we carry is small. Quality over quantity.

Geektopia started out as a class project for the Touro College Graduate School of Technology. It was initially a set of simple Web pages, but it was soon evolved into a fully functioning site. We hope to expand it even further over the next year. Beyond that, who knows! Perhaps the site’s code will become so advanced it will achieve self-awareness and sentience, and even fight Skynet.

So, fellow geek, have a look around. We’re sure you’ll find something you love!

Where are we?

Earth in the Milky Way